What We Do

After school programs

We meet after school once a week for two hours. The duration of weeks, is based upon the individual schools’ needs. Our After School Program consists of tapping into the five key areas of life, as it relates to becoming mentally, emotionally, physically, financially, and spiritually fit. Thus, this creates a new way of thinking for our young women. Life trips are also included. The young women get exposed to the reality of life. Our Book Club consists of reading meaningful books such as self-improvement, and inspirational. I AM Blossoms believes reading is the foundation to education. Reading increases vocabulary, language and comprehension skills. Reading also creates a way of applying what we’re learning in I AM Blossoms.

Book Club

We believe reading is the foundation to education. We read self-improvement and inspirational books. Our selective literature only involves meaningful books that will help us improve as individuals, become a valuable asset to our community and the world we live in. I AM Blossoms raises academic achievements in our schools through reading.

Life trips

Every young woman has been exposed to your typical field trips while attending school. It’s not until they’re on their own when they’re exposed to the reality of life. In I AM Blossoms, our life trips are reality. We expose our young women to the importance of being an active part of their community. We also teach them how to contribute and add value to life.

Photo shoots

At the end of every year, we host an annual photo shoot for the young women. This is where we apply everything we’ve learned about self-esteem, and confidence. Photographers and make-up artists volunteer their services, to add to the young women’s experience of appreciating and embracing their look. It also creates a fun moment of accepting your natural beauty.

Vision boards

Vision Boards are very vital to I AM Blossoms. In order to Blossom, not only do you have to invest into yourself, but you also need a vision for yourself. Visions are similar to dreams. However, the difference between the two is that you’re working towards your vision. We take actionable small goals towards our vision.


I AM Blossoms educates the young women about entrepreneurship, and how it’s much more than making money. It is a calling. And like every other calling, it’s people-centered. It’s never about you, it’s all about others. It’s a calling to serve; it’s not about what you can accumulate (money/profit), it’s about what you can contribute (service/value).

Mission & Vision

The mission of I AM Blossoms International is to equip and empower young women with the tools that they need to positively impact the world they live in. We are committed to developing practical programs that are delivered with passion and purpose, while meeting the needs of our core audience.